Monday, August 4, 2014

Five Years with my Bug-love!

My little girl turns five in a week! The time has just flown by and I'm amazed at her growth. Ever since she was a little one, she has loved animals and bugs. My Little Pony has a character that she often mimics, saying, "What a cute little fella!" or mentions how 'ad-oi-able' they are. I have yet to fix that little speech slip as she seems to be on the verge of fixing it herself and I know I will miss it. Sunshine, our rabbit seeks her out and in her old age and Keila loves feeling needed. She has also become Helen Youngs (our adopted Grandma) personal dog trainer. Apparently she and Buster have the same birthday and Helen tells me that she does a great job at getting Buster to 'stay'. Her latest facination is with pill bugs, any bug really. She captures them in her bug jar and carts it around with her for the day until she lets them go to be with their family at night.
Notice how she has that same head tilt? She's just so darn cute that way!

She loves girly things, to a point. She is definately my girl and practicality takes precednce, which makes me sad since apparentley she has too many things to do to sit still and do her hair! But nothing cheers her more on a sunday morning to have a new outfit for church, I've taken to skirts and nice blouses to mix and match as much as possible to feed her need for variety. Spa time is one of her favorite times with me. Between the soaps, lotions, and nail polish topped off iwht lots of time to chatt with Mama one on one, she is one content gal.
A true introvert, she is slow to make friends, keeping to herself in play, quietly acting out on her own imaginary world. But if she finds a 'soulmate' she is fiercely loyal and extremely affectionate. For her birthday this year she wished for a playdate with only one friend, Mona her best friend from school.

Isaac has been both her idol and tormentor for years. She claims she can't stand him, but if anyone seems threatening to him at all, she's the first by his side. With Eli there existed a long period of jealousy, it was hard after all being caught between two brothers who needed so much attention. She's matured in the process though and now she is one of his favorite people. If she crawls into his bed and snuggles up to him, I'm sure to hear giggles that turn into loud peals of laughter from him. He has slowly brought out her nurturing side and with it is a anticipation of a baby sister that she already spends time talking to while she's stilll in the womb. After all, she's known about her for years, before Eli was even born and I'm sure theres a special bond there just waiting to grow.
There are times she is just so grown up with some of her phrases, "Excuse me Mama, there is something I want to talk to you about ..." but it's done in her little whisper voice accompanied by her head tilt. It always gets Kent and I a laugh and she reprimands us with, "What? I'm serious ...." So I quell the urge to laugh some more and attend to her moment of importance. She keeps her thoughts to herself so much that at times I underestimate how much she is watching, learning and capable of understanding. The other day there was some discussion about whether or not we would have another baby later. Somehow she understood enough about the birds and bees to coach it in terms of sperm, egg and doctors that it frightened me a little. Nothing gets by that one, that's for sure!
I'm so grateful to have this little 'Lily-bug' in my life. She is such a beautiful gal, both inside and out! I look forward to the years as our relationship grows and as we share the bond that only women can have years go by.

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