Saturday, August 2, 2014

Extra Fun!

The annual Sharing Down Syndrome walk is not too far away. We are so happy to be a part of raising funds for such a worthy cause, I've learned my lesson from the past and began some fundraising a little earlier. SDSAZ was our first positive line of contact when we found out about Eli's diagnosis. The personal visit from Gina Johnson, founder of the organization, as well as nearly $200 in supplies to help in our new journey was like water in the desert and they continue to be of huge support in the form of free workshops and family activities. We're almost 40% of the way to reaching out goal of raising $500 and most have been done by selling homemade Chinese spring rolls and sugar scrubs. You can follow our efforts on this webpage as well as check out the Sharing Down Syndrome website. These are the spring rolls I make and freeze to sell and raise funds. I was so touched when I posted it to Facebook and the batch sold out within the a few hours! I already have over 40 pre-ordered, so it looks like my nights will be busy the next while! ;)
Eli has grown by leaps and bounds and at times I look at him in wonder as I see a little boy and a baby no longer. Since my belly no longer allows me to ride the plasma car with him, he hopped on and figured out how to steer and move himself. He's rather deft and will frequently zoom around the kitchen as I prep dinner. He has a new sense of independence I knew would come with walking, but it has given me a few good scares at time.
This shot is of him climbing the table to reach some leftover seaweed, a favorite snack of his. With very little in the way of verbal speech, he takes the initiate to fix his own problems. He's so silent though that I've learned not to be too surprised with what happens behind my back.

This video is another good example. While helping the kids clean up their toys, I suddenly heard the water running. I turned it off and took the little monkey out of the bathroom. This is what I caught on camera next.

Did you catch that impish smile? The word 'no' is not much of a deterrent in light of his curiosity. There isn't much this boy won't do, it just takes his time and his way. I'm so grateful for him in our lives! His extra chromosome not only makes him extra cute, but makes me extra aware of all the moments that life has to offer that gives real joy!

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