Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Life at Twenty-six Weeks

I'm at twenty six weeks now. Time is flying and I've been grateful for these last few good weeks where I've been able to get things done in preparations for the new one. Isaac and Eli are settled into their newly painted room and bunkbed and loves the pink on her walls and we've begun a small stock of times baby girl will need when she first arrives.

Just like with all the others, she's riding really low. The notorious Braxton- Hicks contractions have begun and while not typically painful, they are when they last for 5-10 mins and occur 3-4 times in a hour. Thankfully they've only been in the evening but its a clear sign to me to start slowing down. It's just as well, the fatigue has begun to set in again. The kids have begun talking to baby in the hopes she'll respond to them but she seems to prefer being Thumperoo late at night and in the wee hours of the morning.
Feeling huge already! The picture is courtesy of Keila who is forever begging to use the camera on the phone.

We've managed some fun as a family even with my growing size and fatigue. The other weekend we decided to give the Glendale recreation center a try and had some fun in their water park. Isaac loved the lazy river and even attempted the slides (height being more of an issue rather than the slide itself). Keila was happy to have either parent wonder her side as she swam like a mermaid from place to place. The stimulus was a little much for Eli but after 45 min or so, he adjusted and would take his time wading out to the deeper water to jump for a bit and then wander back out.
Isaac felt all grown up the other day as he purchased his first set of Pokemon cards. He carefully selected each quarter and dollar he felt 'less attached' to spend and estimated that $3 would be sufficient for his small purchase. He was thoroughly disappointed though when he discovered the cheapest set of 11 cards was $4.99. I declared it a rip off, explained the term and he quickly agreed. We talked further about whether or not he wanted to spend that much and then I had to regretfully tell him that he would have to pay tax as well. "Why does the government get money for my pokemon cards?" Was asked multiple times. I tried my best to explain but wasn't very successful. His reply, "Wow, the government must be powerful to take my money for Pokemon cards - and busy!"
Library fun is a must in our crazy hot summer months! Isaac has gotten to the point where he can read fairly well on his own and its nice for him to take over that duty with Keila, especially when it comes to all thing Pokemon!
Keila also attended a birthday party for her 'BEST friend' Mona from Stepping Stones. She is such a reserved girl and so very possessive of her friends that its hard to for her to find someone who fits, but she and Mona have been inseperable all last year. Although Keila was shy and quiet upon seeing her again, her expressions of affection really showed her heart about this little friend.
It is a frequent ritual every night that the kids wrestle Kent before bed. At first it would frighten Eli and if things got a little too rambunctious he'd start to cry. Nowadays he is the one to initiate it, growling, attacking in his cute little way and getting everyone else not it. I caught this shot the other night amid all the fun but late Kent admitted he was getting too old for it. I told he couldn't stop yet, we have the fourth on the way who would want in on all the fun as soon as she was able. His reply came in the form of a groan! Ah the fun we have ahead of us!

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