Monday, July 7, 2014

Swim Championships Preliminaries

We attended our very first swim championships preliminaries tonight with Isaac. We only signed up our kids for the swim team to help keep them busy during the summer heat as well as build their confidence in something they are not naturally inclined to do. It also helps us as parents to feel comfortable with our kids in the water when we have little ones like Eli who obviously are dependent on us there. It was a huge surprise to us when we learned Isaac qualified for the swim championship preliminaries and he felt the thrill of being part of a greater team. Swim meets are taxing as is with the younger two so Kent and I opted for a sitter and then we took Isaac out for a special night.

Swimming for warm ups

I realized mid-day I was rather nervous for him and for us since we had only ever swum at the Bellair pool. There was a lot to figure out with going Arrowhead country club to compete so we went early to do the warm ups. I was bummed out to find in the hustle and bustle i'd fotgotten the camera, thank heavens for phones! Afterwards we took him to Costco for some dinner and down time. He was jittery and couldn't explain how he was hungry and sick all at once but he got better as we distracted him.

He did great, his best time ever with the backstroke: 38.12 seconds for 25 meters. Over the weekend we worked on his arms brushing close to his ears and keeping a rhythm with them despite the fatigue and I could see the practice paid off. He was so tired though and had troubles getting out of the pool once he finished. We were just so proud of him. While he was disappointed he didn't make the finals, he did express a sense of pride in helping out is team. We just love this little barracuda!

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