Friday, July 18, 2014

Free Birds

Kent I have known the Tanners for almost the entire time of our marriage. They lived just a few houses down the street from use while our husbands attended Midwestern Univerrsity, one in pharmaceutical and the other on PA (physicians assistant) school. Both Faye and I worked until we had our first child, hers a girl, mine a boy born within a month of each other and then graduation took our families n different directions. Since then they have travelled the world, living in stints in remote places in Alaska work indigent services, Saipan (a island north of Guam), China, Mississippi, etc. They've kept the house in AZ as a rental and come back on an off to prep it for the next renters. With such a tight schedule, we were lucky to spend sometime an evening with them to catch up on life.

The kids loved each other and had a blast playing, drawing, eating and talking silly with each other.
They are off on a long road trip up to Anchorage. On the way they will go to a family reunion in Utah and enjoy whatever sights are along their path. Faye homeschools them so that they are free to travel about from area to area and enjoy the experience of a greater world. I must admit there is a measure of envy at how free they are from ties to physical things, but I crave too much the ties to people to not have a base to come back to. I'm glad though they stopped to share a little adventure with us. Good luck old friends, and we hope to see you soon again!

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