Saturday, July 5, 2014

Camping on the Fourth

For the Fourth of July Kent graciously offered to take the older two kiddos camping so I could get a bit of a break. Isaac and keila were thrilled with the prospect of hot dogs and s'more. The following are their summaries in their own words:

Kent's favorite memories
- seeing their excitement while getting ready
- on the way they kept telling me they were so hungry so we stopped and had a little snack. When we got there they were too busy playing to want to eat.
- hearing the wind rustle the trees, the quiet
- they had such a level of gratitude the following morning and they expressed it particularly in an appreciation of their breakfast - obviously genuinely happy
- both deciding to go to the lava caves knowing it would add on another hour to their trip home but how they both gave sad looks and said, "but what about Mama?"
- on the way home they were so sweet with each other saying things like, "okay, you can rest your head on. My shoulders"

- I got to eat mushmellows and sleep in a 'sleep bag'
- I saw lots of buggies piled up on a stick but I got a little scared but even thought I was scared of them, they were cute
- I loved going to the lava caves because I saw crystals

-everything was my favorite
- we found sticks, went to the lava caves, reading books about rocks, sleeping in a sleeping bag
- there was two fuzzy bugs and one was orange and one was red, they were just playing with each other, it looked like they were playing tag - your it
- and we found some bones, a little pile of them but they were big bones
- it was fun making something that looked like a fire

The kids were calmer when they came back, something about nature that seems to help reset us. We're all hoping for more opportunities like this one in the future.

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