Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A Ladybug Birthday Tea Party!

Keila requested some one on one time with her best friend from Stepping Stone Preschool. We debated lots of play date ideas but it being the start of school, most things weren't doable so we opted for an intimate and 'cute' tea party. Most of the things I made a few days before (froze cookie dough, cut frozen bread for peanut butter sandwiches, etc) so it made it an easy morning so I could enjoying listening to their happy chatter. Kent took the day off so he could keep Eli out of our hair and the two girls had a blast.
Both of them are normally so reserved and quiet that I was thrilled to hear them talking so much. Keila screamed with joy at the ladybug stickers, "how did you know I love ladybugs!" Mona's reply, "oh, I just knew!" And they had fun building a nest for the chirping bird now named Cute Tweet. During tea time Keila was a good host, always eager to fill Mona's cup. At the end of it all, it warmed my heart to see both girls so happy and especially for my girl be so content despite her brother egging her on.
The day before we sang happy birthday to her and shared cupcakes with our favorite grandma, Helen Young. It turns out that Helen's dog, Buster, has the same birthday as Keila so we put a candle on his homemade dog treat and sang to them together. Helen's sister stopped by as well and we shared in our goodies and had a nice chat.
All in all, it was a wonderful birthday. I hope she felt our love and joy for her presence in our lives. Her gift was a ladybug habitat and when the weather gets cooler we hope to order than so she can see them metamorphosis into the bugs she so adores.
Happy Birthday Keila! You are forever my cutie bug-love!

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