Sunday, August 17, 2014

Ward Campout 2014

The weekend of Keila's birthday was the annual ward camp out our church does. It's always a nice break for me since most years I've been either pregnant or had a little one that was better off staying home. In the meantime the oldest kids go off with Kent for some memory making time. Here are their favorite memories:

- I saw a big green buggy the ones they use to make jewelry (I told her how Egyptians used beattles for that purpose).
- there was lots of people but I didn't play with them, I only like-ed talking to some of them
- I like-ed sleeping in my sleeping bag and I like-ed showing people the buggies we caught
- I like-ed that it raining, I liked my treats
- we went to buy my necklace and I like-ed Jerome

- my favorite parts of the camp out were the green bug, on the bottom of the bug there was gold on it. There was a wall made of rocks, sticks and pine needles and even flowers and plants. We made it longer - it was pretty long, as long as our old house!
-we ate s'mores and played with friends
- there were some electronic airplanes, one was a helicopters, from the Heatons. And there was one who had one that wasn't electronic, it was Bro Schill, it's made of foam and you throw it

I enjoyed the rain and talking with people. The domino game with the Welkers and Kathryn Webb was fun. I enjoyed reading books with them in the tent and snuggling with them in the morning. We stopped in Jerome and got Isaac a geode and keila a quartz necklace. It was a good trip.

I love that they can get out into the outdoors, that its cooler and electronics are inaccessible. They resort to the playthings of the past, nature, plants, other people. The simple life tends to really rejuvenate. I look forward in a few years when baby girl is older we'll be able to enjoy as a family.

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