Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Keila's First Day of Preschool

Children from the same family are each so different from each other. It is really obvious between Keila and Isaac. One is an extrovert and everyone is a friend even though he could never tell you the name of that child 10 mins later. The other is an introvert, choosing just one or two special friends who she knows inside and out and who's friendship she jealously guards as her own. For that reason school is ever so much more intimidating for Keila. A new environment, new teacher, new people to make relationships with .... She is so filled with anxiety about it that it has me anxious for her too.

The annual fathers blessing before school start was particularly important to her. I think she felt the peace of the blessing that assured her she would learn to love school and make new friends because this was her on the first of preschool:

We've had brief tears almost every morning while getting ready since, but she's come to accept that this will be a part of her life for a long time and so she squares her little shoulders and gets too it. At the end of her halftime day, she always relates something positive about her time there. She's realizes there are things she can't experience here at home and I can see her confidence growing. I'm so proud of her and so glad she is my little bug love. Here she's giving Eli some parting love....can't quite tell if eli is glad for the space from her ofttimes smother affection or if he's feeling a little blue at our very quiet mornings together!

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