Sunday, March 22, 2015

Special Kids and 3.21

Happy world down syndrome day! March 21 is chosen because it is at 3.21 (three chromosomes on the 21st pair). Last year this time we were out in DC and celebrated by being released from the hospital for an infection in Eli's foot. This year I was determined to do something a lot more fun! Unfortunately Kent was headed out of town for a retreat and I had to consider if I could handle something with all four kids and no help. The special needs kids day was held today at the McCormick Stillman railroad park. It seem like the perfect event for all of us while still celebrating my youngest little man and his extra little special chromosome.

Ice cream is always a highlight!
Eli seems to understand these activities better now and wants to participate in all sorts of ways. He isn't too into animals so he surprised me when he wanted to pet some. He was cautious and amused to see them up close but would only touch the rabbit. We did smile as we signed each animal. Keila loved on one for as long as possible, probably in fond memories of our Sunshine.
Games are always a hit. Isaac loves the prizes. Eli kept shaking the fishing pole so much that the fellow behind it had a hard time pinning a prize to it until Keila helped out and held it still. Eli was a little miffed at big sister!
Isaac's first selfie with my phone. The older two were such big helpers. I couldn't have done it without them, they were awesome!
Here are just a few shots of other things that occured while Kent was out of town. Eli's picture of mud play was on the very first day ... of course! The second one is the first day of spring and Rita's ice. The older two were too obssessed with sugar intake to look up for the camera. Eli on the other hand is quite a ham when I bring it out.
I just love shots of Keila when she is truely happy. This picture reflected all of us. I did more than survive 4 kids on my own, the older two did tons to help and they knew it and were proud of it. The younger two had fun ... it was a successful 4 days .... not saying I want to do single parenthood anytime soon though!

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