Sunday, March 29, 2015

Three Years with the Professor!

Elias is three!
Three years ago this little man brought a whole world to our family. It just feel right, like we belong and yet it really wasn't so long ago that this adventure began.
Little man wanted a snack and I left a whole costco size bag of these on the counter ....
When I'm asked to describe Eli's personality I like to say he has the charm and determined personality of a CEO of a Fortune 500 company, trapped in a little body with intense but irresistible framed eyes. He's an introvert and loves to live life joyfully in the moment dancing his little heart out to whatever music moves him. He's officially in preschool now and at times he seems entirely too young to be there. Especially when I drop him off, leaving him to sit on the ground in tears, lifting a forlorn hand to wave goodbye as he peers around his teachers legs to see me drive away. It's then that I remember the reoccurring nightmares I had as a child of being lost at a store and only running out the front door to see them look at me and drive away. Now it changed though and I'm the one in the car still trying to look brave for my little man.
Then there are other times where he seems so grown up. I had popped in near the end of class to bring mini cupcakes to celebrate his special day with his class. He had no idea I was there and looked so grown up as he went to the sink, pulled out the step stool and properly washed his hands and sat patiently for snack. His eyes lit up though like the sun when he spotted me but he checked himself, staying seated and put all his energy into an enthusiastic wave. Ms. Cheryl has told me that for the last few times he stops crying not long after I leave, walking in on his own (albeit with resigned shoulders) and hangs up his backpack ready for the day. It comforts me to know he's adjusting and proud of him in his growing maturity.
After cupcakes I took him out to lunch for Costco pizza. He seemed to know it was a special day with all the snuggles, playful poking and smiles. We spent the afternoon doing all his favorites, watching Signing Time, reading books, swinging and dancing.

On Sunday we did our family celebration. I made Hopkins cupcakes as his theme. Hopkins is a frog found on Signing Time who's hopping theme song always has Eli bouncing like mad on our couch. I've resigned myself to the fact that its ruining the cushion and designated that section to be Eli's spot. It futile to try and stop him unless you sit constantly by him. Besides, his squeals of laughter and yo-yo bounces always put a smile on my face. For his gift we downloaded a bunch of his favorite songs to add to his playlist.
I love this little man with all my heart! I need him more than he can possible know, to remind me to be in the moment and simply enjoy the small things of life. Happy birthday little professor!

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