Thursday, June 4, 2015

Eight is Great!

Isaac opted for a family celebrations of his birthday, which is of course a two day fun filled days. We went out to dinner at his favorite buffet, he and Keila went to Peter Pipers for some game time and then I took him to a Odysea mirror maze in Scottsdale. We didn't quite know what to expect and it was a little scary for Isaac with the thunder noises overhead and booming Mayan temple god's voice. Once I taught him to look for inconsitancies though, he forgot that all and was on his quest to find his way out. We did so in relatively good time (better than many of the adults there!)and then we went through again to find the 5 butterflies. He's a bright kid and we spent nearly 2 hrs there because he wasn't about to give up on his quests!
For Sunday we had a friend and her family over for dinner. She's moving and Isaac is sad at the change so he really wanted a get together before she left for good.
This year Isaac requested a homemade cake, which I realize in retrospect was not the best idea, the thing was horrid! My only consolation was the cute fondant decor I managed a few days before. Isaac didn't mind though and loved all of it.
The actual day of his birthday we had his favorite mango sticky rice for breakfast, misubi for lunch and presents after dinner. It was a ton of fun for everyone. I love this little man with all my heart! Happy Birthday Isaac!

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