Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Big 4-0!

There something about the birthdays that end in zeros, it makes you realize how quickly time is passing. Then when things are phrased in reference to a century (such as: you're nearly half a century old!) well then you just want to keel over and die! Most birthdays I don't bat an eye, but this one was a little harder to ignore. Maybe it's the way tendonitis has me nursing my shoulder, or the fact that my post partum body is suddenly less willing to recede back to its old size - I suddenly do feel older.

Kent and I once had an interesting discussion of which we'd want more, to lose our mind as we age or our health. It was a harder question to answer than I originally thought. To have my mind but to be trapped in a incapacitated body is just as tortuous as having my body with no mind to fuel its endeavors. Then again with my four children, I'm currently in danger of losing both so there may be no need for worry on that front!

We celebrated it the weekend before since I would be at the National Down Syndrome Conference the days following it. Kent surprised me with the largest present I have EVER received in my whole life. He had been planning it for some time and through the extra funds he received doing pharmaceutical surveys, was able to buy me three Le Creuset pots! He knows me well enough to to know I have great difficulty spending money on myself (except in cases of quality food!) and many of my pots and pans were dented and in sad condition. Some even pre-date our marriage and while ugly were still functional in my book. But I have to admit I cringe when guests arrive and I serve my food. it was definately a huge surprise and while I'm a little galled at the cost, I'm loving the quality and the flash of color that brightens our meals!

The coldstone ice cream cake has become a tradition one that the family doesn't mind sharing in. Kent also got me roses which prompted Keila to ask if Baba can bring her flowers on her birthday too!
It's been an amazing 40 years and honestly life is good, especially when I have this crowd to live, learn and grow with!

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