Thursday, June 18, 2015

Isaac's Baptism

On the morning of Saturday June 13 we had the joy of attending Isaac's baptism. It was wonderful to share the day with the Walker family since we've become friends and can relate on so many levels. It was a quiet simple day, but one filled with significance and the Spirit.
Isaac spent the hours before helping to prep the baptismal font and meeting room. He had some time to walk the Phoenix temple grounds and talk with Kent importance of the covanents he would be making. In so many ways he is an old serious soul and has with eagerness 'taken on him the name of Christ' and lareday been a wonderful witness of our Savior. It shows in how he interacts with other and how he tender hearted enough to recognize the feelings of the Spirit.

We were joined by Helen Young, our adopted grandmother who graciously gave Isaac a gift. Our bishopric was there, Levi Esquira, Steve Welker and Jim stone. We were grateful for their attendance as well as for the family and friends of the Walkers who son, Jack, just recently turned eight as well. Their family has become close friends of ours as we've related on so many different levels and our sons are such good friends.
The night before Kent and I had written our testimonies of the Savior Jesus Christ in a journal to Isaac. We hope it will become a keepsake for him as grows and matures in the gospel. It gave me an opportunity to think on all that has transpired for me these many years. Just over eight years ago, after so many miscarriages, feeling very much alone and abandoned - I could not imagine this day Would come so soon. It amazes me what God can do when we turn over our meager offerings and our will to Him. I'm profoundly grateful for the family He has blessed me with and for the extended friends and family that have come into our lives. He gives more than we can imagine, especially as we 'keep his commandments and always remember him ... That we may have His Spirit to be with us'. My prayer is that Isaac will see this in his life for himself and come to love the Savior as I love him.
So proud of this growing man!

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