Thursday, February 18, 2016

Random February Fun

We are not a family of natural atheletes. I've only begun running these last few years because it's a great release from the stresses of motherhood. Kent, though built more for it, leaned towards academics and music and as a result, our children are similar. Neither of the older two care to move much unless it's chasing friends. Ironically, Bubby who has the lowest tone of all is the one who loves the basketball and jumping on the trampoline. He'll be the sports lover in our family.
The elementary school's second biggest fundraiser this year was a fun run but unlike the past, the school organized it all on their own and 100% of the proceeds went back to Mountain Shadows. I was excited about it because the one they held two years ago had Isaac motivated to run a good amount. I had all these lovely plans of having them jog a little each night leading up to the run, but life got busy and I was lucky to have everyone at their activities and fed. On the day of the event I showed up to cheer them on and was amazed at their determination.
Isaac had 30s to finish the last lap and he sprinted with me alongside to complete it all! Apparently he was one of only 3 kids in second grade to finish all 25 laps!
Keila and I ran together the whole time and consequently I was able to help pace her a little such that she didn't stop moving once during the whole 25 mins. She jogged about 80% of it and walked briskly for the rest. With a minute left she pushed herself to finish a lap and completed a total of 17! She was definatly one of the highest of all the girls in kindergarten and her persistence paid off.

I'm super proud of these two, it's not something they enjoy terribly and they had a set a goal and honestly did their very best. What's more, they're proud of themselves. The laps they completed were marked off the back of their shirts, a trophy of the work they completed and as soon as Keila realized this she wouldn't take off her shirt. I'm glad the school hosted this activity this year and hopefully it might inspire these kids to be more active and healthy.

Other random pictures of the year, Keila and I attend the school's girl's night and had fun making crafts and eating treats.
The kids earned some free tokens for Peter Piper Pizza so we went to play some games together.
Mounds of lemons and grapefruits to keep little hands busy. The youngest two were proud to load the picked fruit into boxes and the older two had fun carrying them door to door for our neighbors or friends.
Library fun and picnic lunch at the park.
Glendale's Chocolate Festival was a first for us. It was fun to see all the vendors and Isaac and Keila donated some money to veteran cause and got giant chocolate covered marshmellows and we all splurged and shared a chocolate covered cheesecake. Bubby really dug his face into that one!
Silliness while shopping with a Pumpkin!

While I'm too busy nowadays to document all we do, I'm glad we have our memories and fun moments in the busyness of life.

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