Tuesday, February 23, 2016

February Scouting

Last weekend we had Scout-o-rama. I took the littlest two to Gigi's Playhouse and Kent took the oldest two to go and explore. Our den had a booth with puddle stompers made from large can with a maze of sorts to walk through.
After helping with set up they explored other booths. I must admit I was pretty proud that Keila tried ou the zip line. Kent went too and took pictures on the way down.
There was a booth where paper rockets could be made and shot off.
Isaac enjoyed looking through scouting item throughout the years.
They came home tired and happy from the day.

A few days after was the Blue and Gold Banquet themed after Star Wars. Kent is now the Cub Master and so had a big part in prepping for the event as well. In addition to working with Isaac on an R2D2 cake they also made a Death Star piñata.
The décor was awesome and everyone enjoyed the food and especially the cakes.
it was lots of fun for everyone and I'm grateful that Isaac and Kent got to share this experience together.

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