Saturday, March 5, 2016

Update to our Team

Changes once again to Eli's Allies! We are sad to report we are losing one of the best speech language pathologist we've had for Eli. Ms. Colleen had just the right firmness and persistance to help Bubby do the things that he didn't like and consequently he's bloomed. When frustration would hit and he'd begin throwing toys her response of simply staring at the wall in silence would quiet him quickly. Eventually he'd bow his head apologetically, she'd smile and remind him of how many tasks he had left before he could move on. It was extremely effective and while he still resists new things, he has learned that he can do hard things and will come back to it again and again until he really sees progress. We see results in how verbal he's become in the last 6 month, attempting words even when we don't require it of him. His social interactions of saying hello and goodbye with some eye contact happens with little prompting now and best of all he sees the power of language and is reaching out to people outside the family. We are grateful for the brief but productive time we spent with Ms Colleen and send her love on her new job with the stipulation that she will let us know if she ever changes back to Sunrise Therapy!
There is also a new addition to our team of Ms Marni. It has been a long journey to find someone for respite for Eli but wait has been worth it. He really responds to someone who takes the time to get to know him but because he isn't verbal it takes so much more effort. He communicates in such subtle ways that familiarity becomes key. It makes him feel safe and that means the world to me especially when I can't be with him. Marni has been wonderful that way! I can now go out on date nights with Kent and not worry that Eli will throw a fit, not eat and simply crawl into bed to sulk, or she comes along to help at the library or fun weekend events. He plays, eats and goes about his business as if nothing is different, I have less Mama guilt and I'm amazed by how much more relaxed I can be in getting tasks such as shopping done. The little things make a world of difference so we are very happy to have her on our team.

Its been fun doing therapies lately with Leora around. The competition between the two is steep so if Pumpkin is willing to do something new it's a motivator for Bubby. Here they were playing with pudding. Eli was NOT hot on the texture but Leora was thrilled to pieces and managed to grab the remainder to make sure there was no waste!
Eli has made some positive strides in PT and surprised me the other day when I had the ladder out to pick fruit when he climbed up three rungs! It scared the crud out of me at first and I came running to catch him since he has a habit of just jumping off but to my surprise he reached for the rung below with his foot and came down properly. I guess he tuckered himself out but I managed to catch him on video for a little bit.

So proud of my little man and so grateful for the blessings of those who are a part of our team. I don't know where we'd be without them!

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