Thursday, March 31, 2016

Spring Break 2016

Back to our usual haunt for our break! There's something about the endless beach, the moist sea breeze and the sound of crashing waves that we are conditioned to relax immediately.
Daily walks searching for the brightest and best shells, flying kites and running away from the waves has a wonderful way of making everyone happily tired from the day with a crazy enormous appetite only curbed by the stomach flu. ( Eli managed to contract and pass to everyone except me) Thankfully the illness would only last 2/3 days and spirits and energy was still high so long as nothing was ingested. We all had a wonderful time.

Bug-love would gather countless snails and make a commune of sorts for them, she loved how it tickled her hand as they moved along.
Bubby and Pumpkin loved to splash and they jumped in every puddle that could be found when the tide went out.
They have little 'foot showers' to clean off your toes before heading back into your hotel room. Eli was obsessed with these!
Once the tide was out you'd see little holes with bubbles coming up out of the sand. We've tried digging down to figure out what makes them (probably clams) but can never dig fast enough. Pumpkin was rather curious about them as she was with anything living. She was just as fearless as Bug and poked at the live molluscs until they retreated into their shells and sometimes squirted water out which had Keila giggling like crazy.
The oldest two made friends with anyone who was willing to listen to their latest find. We chatted with a couple from Seattle who was super excited we were going to try homeschooling (Isaac's been telling everyone!) Apparently they had done the same for their 4 children and gave some encouraging words. I'm discovering that the homeschooling community isn't too different from our DS group - it's always nice to know that there's a group that can relate.
Meanwhile Kent was desperately trying to capture the sunset but we had chatted till it was too late! He did get this one with Isaac though.
Another shot of Bubby and his toy. His shear joy at playing with it had Pumpkin curious to see what was all the fun.
Isaac dug himself into a hole! Kent built one in our backyard for him to help save the grass, but at the ocean it's ever so much more satisfying. We promised to post a picture of his sand turtle.
They have beds outside by the pools if you're lucky enough to get one before others. Some families camp out on them the entire day while kids play in the pools or wander out to the beach.
Funny to see these two do exactly the same thing when we came back from a long morning walk.
Curbing their urge to take back EVERY pretty shell was rough!
Snuggles on a not so good tummy morning for Pumpkin. She had it the worst but she's a doll to cuddle with.
She's got the system down.
Pumpkin didn't actually like being in the pools that much so on one of the days I didn't bother with getting the two of us into our swimsuits. When she saw how much fun everyone was having she was determined to at least sit in the water on the steps and be a part of it all. I had to strip her out of her sun dress to make it happen.
The girls had a small photo shoot with dad. Can't believe how quickly they are growing.
It was a lovely time and a great fit for our family. Till next time!

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