Monday, March 28, 2016

Four Wonderful Years!

My littlest man has turned four!!! The month of March is perfect to celebrate his special day, first off it's World Down Syndrom Day on the 21 (3-21 or three chromosome on the 21st pair) just 4 days before his birthday. Special Kids day is also celebrated right around the same time so it feel as if the world celebrates his month with us - as well they should! I love this succession of pictures of him, the focus and concentration to achieve his tower and the giggles as it begins to fall.
Since we would be on vacation on his actual date, we decided to celebrate it a week early with all his favorite foods. His birthday cake was lemon with raspberry filling made to look like a giant bag of popcorn. The funny thing is that it was the popcorn on the cake was his favorite part. He's not much into sweets ....except ice cream! He takes after me in this matter and since a single bite of cake was all he would do we filled him up on his chosen ice cream. After presents we had a fun game of tag as a family out back.
He was more reserved at Special Kids day at McCormick Railroad Park and preferred to watch the antics of his older siblings or listening to his playlist. He did venture cautiously out to play some soccer and to pet the animals significantly smaller than him.
I wish I knew what he was thinking when I took this ... that far off look of deep thoughts.
The girls were in heaven with all the 'cutie' animals. Isaac was all about the food and goofiness!
Popcorn makes his world turn!

On his actual birthday he beamed his pleasure as we signed and sang Happy Birthday. The morning was spent swimming where he could kick and splash to his hearts content. We even attempted volleyball which had him giggling a storm when the ball actually made it over the net.
While others napped I let him roam wherever he wanted which meant riding the elevators for a half an hour while jumping and giggling at the right moments, running up and down ramps or climbing stairs. When he finally tuckered out he snuggled in my lap while we sang and signed songs together.
A quick 10 second rest(literally!) before exploring some more.
I love this little guy so much! He is the gift I never knew I wanted or needed. It's been a beautiful four years and I can't wait to enjoy more with him! Happy Birthday Bubby!

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  1. Beautiful little boy with a beautiful soul. I look forward for you to that day when you hear his sweet thoughts :) <3