Thursday, February 16, 2017

Missing Ms Kera

We have always loved all those who become a part of Eli's Allies.  They are our greater family, our eyes, our hands, our hearts.  Losing a member is hard especially when it's one we love so much!  Ms Kera is one of these and we feel keenly the loss.

Ms Kera evolved quickly from Bubby's babysitter, to running partner, teacher and coach to someone he insisted on taking to the door, giving a hug goodbye and watching her get to her car before going in.  (Such the little gentleman!). If you know him, you know this is a BIG deal!  Her influence extends to more than just him, Pumpkin squeals with delight when she comes, Bug-love races to get the door and Bud chatters non- stop to her.

I can't express how much we love and appreciate Kera.   it's so hard to really get to know him, it means more than words can say (especially to a mother) when someone goes beyond the job and grows to love him and help him reach his potential.  I loved how she found the balance between allowing him a break and pushing him to work a little more.   There was pride in her voice when she saw progress and I knew he was in good hands as I worked on homeschooling the oldest two.

She accomplished what an IEP AND preschool didn't do in over 1.5 years, he learned how to say his colors and correctly identify them, he says hello and goodbye,  his fine motor skills improved and she helped to re-engage him to interact with the world.  We will miss her dearly but wish her the very best as she embarks on this new adventure of school and career.  Once a member of Eli's Allies you are always a member of our family.  We love you Ms. Kera!

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