Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Starting Mondays Right!

We just recently joined a small homeschool group/coop of six families.  Between the many talents of the moms they will have 14 weeks of science, 7 weeks of art, cooking and sewing once a week on Monday mornings.  One mom  has an amazing home large enough to house the 11 students and their 9 siblings.  Both Bud and Bug have found some good friends in the group and they are having a blast!!

It's been really nice for me since it forces me to cover the science and art chapters every week and often the kids are interested enough that we've supplemented with videos we find on YouTube.  The only down side is that we now have 3 out of our 5 mornings that get a little harried as we try to get out on time. It's worth it though and as crazy as it gets we are all learning a ton and having fun with it!

Bread in a bag and strawberry jam day!  Little ones had plenty of strawberries to snack on.

Art lessons on DaVinci and making their own inventions.

Self portraits like Rembrant.

Bug's finished self portrait.

Monday before Valentine's day had a cookie decorating class.  Bubby was such a charmer and clearly communicated his desires for cookies to everyone that he must have eaten nearly 6 before I could stop him!  Glad he's talking to other adults now but I wished cookies weren't the only incentive!

Predator and prey relationships in science.  M&M candies thrown into baskets with scrunched up papers.  The candies that 'camoflaged' in survived the predator children.  Bud was particularly keen on this experiment!

While I miss not being able to be right by the oldest two and see them learn, I've had time to work one on one with Bubby and Pumpkin.  Their friends are learning sign language and reinforcing their understanding of numbers and letter.  It's nice that they model the behavior well for Bubby.  The kids have all been great with him, striving to include him or watch out when he's being a monkey and trying to throw rocks in the pool!

We're so blessed to have found this group.  It's the best way to start the week!

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