Thursday, July 17, 2008

Houston at Long Last!

Ssssssssssooooooooooooo .... we're alive!!! For the last week and a half, our emotions have run the gamut ... excited-apprehensive, wildly energetic (adrenaline highs) to exhaustion mentally, emotionally and physically. At long last I can say we're starting to feel settled.

We owe many, many thanks to friends all around. Thank you Dana Erikson, a 'jack of ALL trades' and helped us get our home fixed and saved us and our tenants numerous times. We're lucky and blessed to have you as a neighbor in Phoenix. To the Bakers ... our official 'hang out', (especially when running errands or needed to gripe) ... you entertained our son and kept us sane - for several days! To the Johnsons ... loved your lunch and have had it 4 times since, thanks for visiting with us. To the Laws ... take-out with you was the BEST!!! EVERYTHING was PERFECT and it was the one healthy meal we had before we finally made it to Houston. Thank you Darin and Preston for helping with the final move out ... we couldn't have done it without you guys. Thank you Roberts ... who were here to welcome us to Houston and bring us a wonderful dinner. Finally, thanks to those who came out from the Maplewood 2nd ward ... not only did you successfully move in everything ... to the third floor, lifting and carrying from nearly a quarter of a mile away, in the Houston humidity ... everything was in one piece! From the bottom of our hearts, Kent, Isaac and I give all of you our thanks.

Admist all the craziness, we enjoyed seeing the Carlsbad Caverns, swimming in a 'posh' hotel pool and hot tub, taking a boat tour down the River Walk in San Antonio, and taking a break at the Children's Museum. The long 'vacation' is at an end ...

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