Thursday, July 3, 2008

Fun and Games for Old and Young Alike

Sometimes I think we're all just big kids inside, if we could just let go for the moment and enjoy being 'alive'. Today we went to Jake's ... it's an all you can eat buffet plus games and rides. Isaac had fun, but I think Kent and I enjoyed ourselves more!

Here's Kent on the 'Hopper' ride ... the biggest kid of them all! Unfortunately, the combined weight of him and all the other children made it too much for the ride. He had to get off and by the time the children got done, the line grew too long behind, he felt too guilty taking the time and pleasure away from the other kids so he had to forego the game! ;0)

Isaac rode on a train again for the second time in his life. Likewise with the carousel. Not too responsive. The chocolate teacups were better!

Isaac's favorite was the kid's city, play area. Stairs facinate him and he could have spent all his time there.

Kent did some rock climbing ... he claims the sweat and heat made it difficult ... you may draw your own conclusions!

We played some other games that won tickets for tiny trinket for Isaac. The food was pretty good (for pizza, pasta, salad and dessert - this coming from an Asian!) It's kinda costly but we're glad we did it.

Yesterday we went to the Wildlife Zoo ... it was rather ... hmmm, how should we say .... STUPID! It was nearly 113degrees, so needless to say, we hurried through alot of it. We did get to feed the giraffes and lorakeets .... Isaac loved the monkeys and was intriqued with the animals in the petting zoo.

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  1. Sounds like a great fun! I mean food and rides. What else we can ask for???? Well, I have to say that Kent looked really grown up around these children.hahahah.