Monday, July 21, 2008

No Touchy!!!!!

With so much going on I haven't had the chance to talk about the 'leaps and bounds' Isaac makes daily. It makes me stop sometimes and wonder if I too am 'working' at growing just as much as he.

The move has been so much to adjust to. He's been a trooper, but it is wearing and it shows in more 'grouchiness' than usual. In the last few days, with more of a home, Isaac is showing his usual "I'm a big boy" attitude and cautiously trying out his newer skills. Just yesterday he was distracted by a toy, and I let go to have him stand by himself. It was a definite full 3 seconds before he seemed to realize what he was doing, then all of a sudden it's - "Whoa nelly, I think I'm better off on my knees" - and plops down on all fours with a sigh of relief. It's obviously more about confidence right now than skill ... something I think most people can all relate to.

Houston's been wonderful!!! I feel 'at home' already and Isaac
and I went on our first excusion together to the library downtown today. Houston is teeming with life - from every culture, to all types of people from all walks of life, to the tons of insects and animals (we saw a frog downstairs from our apartment and other not so pleasant bugs) all the way to the microscopic mold spores that latch on with a tenacity you wouldn't believe. I'm thriving off of it - the people here are friendly and extremely willing to help (even if the city is just to big and they don't have a clue where things are, they like to 'try' to help) or just to smile.

Isaac is a little more cautious. While we were in Albuquerque, our son just could not get use to African Americans. He'd stare so hard at them and then wailed if they glanced in his direction. I started looking for books and magazines with pictures of blacks in it to help - after all, what the heck would we do once we got to Houston! It's paid off, and now he shyly glances at them and smiles when they wave and smile back. All except once today when an older gentleman got on the lightrail. The fellow had an extremely strong 'black' accent and he kept chatting with Isaac at an incredible pace. My poor son had that confused expression, where his forehead begins to wrinkle and slowly an eyebrow rises higher and higher until it disappears into his bangs. Then all of a sudden the gentleman tickles Isaac's toes ... well that did it! The floodgates broke loose, my son buried his head in my lap and the sound of a screaming rabbit ensued. For those who don't know, rabbits do scream and it's the more horrifying, high pitched sound you've ever heard! Anyhow, nothing could console him and we had another 15 mins of the ride to go. The man was obviously embarrassed and after a few minutes, offered to find another seat since, "I think I've scared the boy". My son recovered only after the man got off the train. No touchy!!!

Here's us in the Carlsbad Caverns, and my son destroying a national treasure while Kent was trying to pose for a picture ... whoops! (From Kent: He wasn't actually touching the stalagmite)

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