Wednesday, May 20, 2009

For Old-Times Sake

I've been sorely hampered by an uncooperative computer, but at long last have downloaded all the pictures I need to blog ... so prepare for the onslaught as I attempt to catch up! ;0)

About 3 weeks ago we heard from an old friend from the singles ward who was organizing a get together in Mesa for Kent's old crowd. Between work schedules, Father's and Son's Outing the following night, travel time and the basic fatigue that comes of a boy who wakes with the dawning of the world - we were hesitant to commit to go. Or perhaps the real reason lies in the fact that most of us are a little more 'rotund' and balding ... whatever! But with a few emails back and forth, an old feeling of nostalgia overcame me and I pushed Kent to go ... after all, it had been 7 years since we'd heard from most of them.

The evening was wonderful! Yes, there was a little of the 'remember whens' that always occur but more than anything it was a chance to see how much life had matured us, taught us and blessed us. Many of us had struggles with health(cancer included), job loss and job's gained, battles with depression or loneliness, major graduate work, changes with marriage, a few lost parents in the intervening years, and then there were children (all darling as a bug's ear!) those hoped for, those coming and those all ready there along with the discussion that goes with that joyous roller coaster ride. In short, we could look back and see incredible growth and faith in God. Later that night, Bishop Snow came with his wife to visit. We had to get pictures of the old 'Gentry' crowd. Here's pictures so you can compare. Don't look too hard!

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