Saturday, May 2, 2009

I Have Succumbed

After long debate, I finally succumbed to the persuasions of others and signed on Facebook. I was warned of its mild addicting tendencies as well as the quirky thoughts I might be tempted to post that would paint me for the crazy that I am. Thus far I've remained immune but have happily reconnected with several old friends.

One of whom is Melanie Nelson, who's wanderings has landed her here in AZ working at the Phoenix Zoo. Strange to think of how life turns so that two girls from Calgary, could have ended up here in AZ over 6 years ago. We had brunch the other day at the quaint cottage setting of Arcadia Farms and chatted up old times. We're not all that different from what we were in high school, still strange, and nerdy in our offbeat ways. We don't even look all that different form 16 years ago - that's good or bad depending on how awkward we were back then .... I love how Mel still has her eclectic tastes in everything from books, music to hobbies. She was elated to find out that I knew of an authentic Chinese restaurant - dim sum it is! - which we'll have to enjoy when she's out my end of town next month. So good to see you again Mel - may Morons Take to the Streets Again! ;0)

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  1. Hey, Flo. You are finaly joined the facebook club!!! Put me on your friend list. OK?