Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Birthday Party

Growing up I was told at birthdays that they were worth celebrating when you'd live a life worth celebrating. As a child I interpreted that as being old and grey, gumming down what you could of your birthday feast while others honoured your name for the things that you once did and can no longer do! I've taken a different philosophy and while I don't agree with elaborate birthday parties I do think that a child needs to know that just being there makes them special!

Of course with this being Isaac's second birthday, I knew he wouldn't remember much. It was more for me than him, but I enjoyed the work I put into it, it was a chance to be creative and to show my son my love. I was gratified when I heard his excited exclamation at the 4 blue balloons we taped above the table. Even better was the fact he figured out the cake was a panda, his favorite stuffed animal. He ran into the bedroom yelling, "Panda cake, panda cake!" I know he enjoyed having kids over to play with and while the group was a little too old for his age, he is always happy to have other little people around.

The Legos were definitely a hit - with everyone! ;0)

I also had the realization later that everyone on this side of town that came to Isaac's baby blessing two years ago was also present. They are my adopted family and I felt immense gratitude for not only a beautiful son, but for the wonderful people God has surrounded me with to make my life so full. No, celebrating a birthday is a chance to celebrate life ... and that is always worth making the effort!

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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ISAAC!! Keep asking your parents for more toys!! hahaha