Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Isaac Boy!

Two years ago today Isaac arrived at 6:07 am. The days before we'd been having him count down on the calender. He's been to enough birthday parties now that he 'gets it' and was extremely excited. He came into the room at 5:30am with a bright cheering,"Morning" for his Mama. Papa stuck around until exactly 6:07 so we could sing him a birthday song and while I jogged my mile around the neighborhood, I could hear him say, "Happy, Me ... Birthday!" We played kick ball afterwards and he wandered the backyard savoring the joys of sticks and stones. Lunch was spent the 'all-American' way of McDonald's where he made a few friends and played to his hearts content.

It was amazing to me to see him play with those boys. It just a short 6 months, he's grown up so much. He greets with a bright, "Hey, or Hi" and quickly follows the lead of the older boy and soon he's running, singing and laughing with them. He's different with how he approaches the girls, something to do with his interactions with his old friend Eden Roberts. He'll approach and wave hi and if they respond well, he takes their hand and firmly say, "Come. Play!" I guess he thinks it's his turn to lead! He had several adults chuckling at him and the Grandfather of the the little one year old girl laughingly said, "Hard lesson boy, but girls don't always follow, even after you put a ring on their finger." Nonplussed, Isaac kept trying to convince her.

Once Papa got home we went to dinner at TGI Fridays. Isaac was clearly surprised at the small group of strangers that gathered around to sing him a happy birthday.

Obviously these people were friends though and he was sure to greet them whenever they came near after that. Notice how he has 2 spoons in his hands. He understood that this was HIS birthday and Mama and Papa could only have some of his ice cream if we asked first!

After a very filling meal we went back to the house to play some more in the backyard. Isaac is learning about gardening from Papa.

While I watched them playing in the back, I couldn't help but feel the sense of wonder of how much had transpired in the last 2 years. I'm so grateful that God has blessed me with a good husband, and we now share the joys of a darling son and a girl soon to come. I thought back to a conversation I had earlier with another mother at McDonalds about all the guilt that comes with being a mother. It's a given when you're embarking on the mission of raising one of God's children. But despite the difficulties and pain, and be sure that pain will come - how can it not for one that you love so dearly - it is well worth it. Isaac has taught me so much about life, myself and loving unconditionally. Thank you my son, your presence has made living so much richer!

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