Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Heart Full of Song?

Much of my life has been filled with music, especially the hymns and children's songs I grew up singing on Sunday. One such hymn I remember particularly when I had to help weed the garden. Combined with the ever watchful eye of my mother, it's relentless marching rhythm kept me at my backbreaking task until the work was done.

Put your shoulder to the wheel
push a long,
Do your duty with a heart
full of song!
We all have work,
Let no one shirk
Put your shoulder to the wheel!

I must admit that I did my duty, but certainly not with a heart full of song! Be that as it may, it did teach me a sense of pride in whatever I put my hand too. Wishing to pass this lesson on to my son while taking advantage of the cool weather, Isaac and I washed the car and painted the tree trunks on different mornings.

Yes, I know some who would call this child labor, but believe me, it was more labor to have Isaac involved than not! We did have fun though ... I guess for a 2 year old anything with water and paint is a blast. I tried desperately to get a picture of Isaac with the water hose washing the car without damaging the camera ... no luck. When I went it to grab some towels, he took his opportunity to open the door and access all those coveted 'buttons' that Mama uses when she drives. I dread the day he can legally do this!

He had explore another button on our door since Mama removed the fun of the car.

For those who don't know, the sun is so intense here in AZ that the tree trunks of fruit trees are painted white to protect them. Before beginning our task I specifically outlined areas NOT to be painted, including our rabbit. I told him that the paint would make her sick. And what does he do immediately after I say this, try and paint Sunshine! You know the kid is listening and using the knowledge to get rid of his rivals!


  1. LOL. At least you know he's listening.

  2. Hey! We were talking about you guys the other day and Nate said, "You should get us together with them" which I thought was kind of funny the way he worded it...apparently I am his link to other people. Anyway, so we should get together and play some cards or something! You guys could come swim at our house and we could have a BBQ...I don't know...something...we miss you guys!