Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year

This is truly one of my favorite holidays of the year where I can indulge for days on nostalgic childhood foods and cook to my heart's content. It was topped off with a day at the cultural center where we bought outfits for Keila and Isaac. So here is my little 'dragon' and 'peach'!

Never mind me in my grungies... isn't that little girl a doll!

Keila is officially 18 months! She is darling when she calls Isaac (Isthick), and uses words like stop (top! while holding out her hand in the classic style of Supremes), thank you (na nu) and says yes like a little old Russian woman (Yah!yah,yah..) She's begun to use utensils when eating which hasn't slowed her down one bit! It's funny to me how dainty and clean she tries to be and her major frustrations when her food just doesn't seem to cooperate and go neatly into her mouth. She is also very particular about her shoes. Her favorite pair is a cheap white Mary Jane I bought at Walmart that she literally bounces for joy when we go to put them on. The other day she tripped in the parking lot and when she got up, she began screaming. I thought it was because she scrapped herself, but no it was the fact her precious shoes were scuffed! She kept pointing and screaming her disgust until I buffed them clean again.

Always the helpful big brother!

Isaac just spent the last weeks writing out his Valentines for his friends. It's a rather major achievement given he had to write 17 names and sign his name each time. While the letters are difficult to see, I'm impressed with his persistence at the task and just within the few days he has improved greatly! He has had a minor obsession with martial arts and was mesmerized by the performances he saw at the New Year celebration. He has shown very little interested in any sports until now, so Kent and I are looking into some lessons for him

The two of them LOVE their outfits. Isaac pretends to do Kung Fu and calls it his dragon clothes. Keila loves the feel of silk and when I can get her to keep her pigtails in, she is the quintessential of a cute Chinese girl. Happy New Year and may this next year bring continual growth and prosperity!


  1. Goodness! Yes, those are absolutely lovely children. Good work, mama.

  2. um Flo, where has the time gone? your kids are so big! I remember when Isaac was born and he was a little pea pod for Halloween! they are adorable. glad to hear you all are doing so well.