Thursday, February 3, 2011

This is IT!

So in all my prep for the triathlon, I neglected to actually sign up for it on line. I assumed since so many of my girlfriends had signed up last minute, that i would be able too. At the insistence of a few friends I check it out online and discovered much to my dismay that Sherox did not renew their contract with Red Rock and there will be no women's triathlon in May. I had been training for this specific one because it was less intimidating since it would be with other women and most of all, because it was to be held in open water - hence I would prove to myself and others I was finally over my fear of swimming. I spent the next few hours grinding my teeth and searching for competitions on a Saturday for the rest of the year. Apparently Sundays are the preferred day and I had the choice of this weekend in Mesa (and entirely indoor competition) or waiting until September for one in Anthem. Everything else would require travelling 2+ hours or giving up a beloved day of rest. So I bit the bullet and I'll be competing this Saturday at 9:20 am at the Mesa YMCA.

It's all indoors and I don't do well on treadmills or stationary bikes. There's something about working your butt off but not really getting anywhere that drives me bonkers. But the experience of it will be good. Everything is timed, 10mins for the swim, 30mins for the bike and 20 mins for the running. Between the adrenaline rush and transitions I'll get a idea of how I might do in a 'real' tri as well as the areas I might want to work on more. There's talk of doing a tri for our ward - major benefits would be it could be on a Saturday and be free! - perhaps at the end of April. We shall see how well I survive this one. Wish me luck!

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