Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mission Accomplished!

So rarely do I take up a project and finish it in a few days that it is cause for celebration when I do. This particular project was rather urgent. You see my swimsuit of 2 years fell apart, quite literally and thankfully it wasn't in public. Isaac and Keila have weekly swim classes so it was urgent that I find one quickly. Unfortunately this had to occur when the cost of swimsuits is at it's peak and the idea of plopping down $30-40 for just something to cover me was appalling. (note: these prices reflect ON SALE items!) Kent suggested that if I wanted something cute, why not spend a little more. So one of our date nights we went out looking, only to find a 'little more' was around the range of $60-80. Obviously not something a 'cheap Asian' would go for. So I was about to settle for the less than mediocre when I just chanced one morning to head to the mall and browse. There it was, something in my size, somewhat modest and oh my gosh ... is this for real!! .... $9.99!!!! I must be out of my mind! (Anyone remember that commercial? or am I just dating myself)

While still reeling from the effects of such an amazing deal, I began toying with the idea of changing it up a little. For one, my tiny Asian shoulders are horrid for holding up swimsuit straps so a halter top or one with a crisscross works much better. Then there's the fact I like the ones with skirts .... so that afternoon and the morning of the following day I turned this ....

Into to this. It's now a halter top (note to self to cut the ribbons down a little) with a mini skirt that will ensure my 'rounder/older' self is a little more covered. The best part is that I can go about without being uncomfortable.

On closer inspection of the price tag, the original price was $101.00 and the logo I had hitherto missed says it's a Tommy Hilfiger swimsuit. I have a feeling someone made a mistake when they marked it down. What would pass for a prom dress in high school is now a modest sailor-ish swimsuit for a mom with kids. Mission accomplished and more that that - I am officially cute!


  1. Oh SO cute Flo! I'm so impressed you altered it yourself! awesome!

  2. Too cute I LOVE it! Let me know if you discover a cleaver way to contain the screaming! I love hearing from you!

  3. It is official. Well-done!

  4. Flo,
    It looks AWESOME!!! And P.S. you were already officially cute!