Monday, July 25, 2011

A Small Tribute

When I'm faced with doing something totally out of my element, I tend to need alot of information, encouragement and positive reinforcement. I pick people's brains for every little detail to ensure success. So it was for the sprint triathlon and so it is for home decorating. My problem was that in this case, there was too many differing opinions and never the money to do things by the book. And then I was saved by Shannon.

For those of you who know Shannon, she has this amazing eclectic show home. It's a little like eye candy when you go to her house and I always attributed it to her degree in art. Her never failing reply was that if you saw something you like, just go for it, in the end it would all come together. My instant reply was, "Yah! If you're an art major!" but she insisted it was true. With her gentle prodding and encouragement, not to mention the million and one phone calls about paint, tools, etc and the borrowing of equipment I finally decided to tackle the project of my home. Slowly over the last 2 years our house has become more of a home.

The first was a headboard and foot board for $20 at a garage sale. I posted about it's therapeutic nature in Catharsis through Furniture It was actually proceeded by the change of carpet and painting of wall. Something which I agonized over for weeks!!! I wanted to create a calming room - my little oasis in an otherwise crazy household. Even when I was overwhelmed with all the painting, she took a few days to help me out. This was the results:

Then I tackled Isaac's room. My poor children never get a room made for them until they're about 2 years old. The quirky pictures of signs on the wall were done by Shannon herself to match the construction vehicle quilt I made for Isaac. She did a wonderful job and the dollar store find of the quote "Oh the places you'll go" from Dr Seuss went perfectly. She also gave me the idea of the painted cork board (originally a cabinet door) about Isaac's bed that displays his artwork nicely. I've seen how much he loves having his OWN space and makes playtime in his room a pleasure.

This functional beauty was another one of her ideas. It's a cheap picture frame with a window screen covering a board wrapped in fabric with hooks screwed in. I have my accessories easily available, organize and displayed. I love how easy it is to hook my earrings into the screen. I've kept the leftover fabric from this project and want to make the purple and gold pillows to decorate my bed to match.

Keila's bed frame is the next project I hope to post up soon. It too has the imprint of my dear friend in the antique feel of the paint. Here is a small glimpse of what I hope to finish in the next few days.

So this is a small tribute to a good friend. It took a LONG time for me to really believe what she said about decorating but I have never regretting it. Most of all, her encouragement helped me learn to trust myself a little more and in the end I see the beauty of that result reflected in me and my surroundings. So here's to a dear friend who knew me better than I knew myself!


  1. Flo! I love decorating a house, but it is fun and sometimes makes me feel like my brain is exploding!! Your rooms look great. P.S. I LOVE your swimsuit. If I had a lot more money I think I'd buy a swimsuit a month. Not that I look like anything special in them, absolutely not, but for some reason there are a bazillion different kinds that I really like. Keep up the craftiness! Isn't it fun to be a mom sometimes?

  2. I love what you've done to your house--looks awesome! I love that Shannon too. :>) I think I'll copy the jewelry frame idea--so cute and clever and out of reach of little hands!! Nice work!