Sunday, July 10, 2011

Summertime Fun

It's funny how having kids makes holidays ever so much more fun. Kent took July 4th off and got together with some good friends for a massive feast - grilled hot dogs, ribs, salads, pies, fruit, etc. It was a little frightening how much we ate, but hey, how better to celebrate life and our many freedoms. Kent and I bought a small cotton candy machine on a whim that makes cotton candy out of hard candies. We had tons of fun testing out all sorts of flavors (Werthers, root beer candies, peppermints, cinnamon, butterscotch, etc) I have a feeling that this will used for our Sunday treats/ Family Home Evening events. It was as much fun spinning it out as it was eating it.

Unfortunately later that evening our out of town neighbor's dog, Nala was spooked by fireworks and got her foot stuck inside the door. All her chewing to get herself free only ripped out a canine. She was a bit of a mess and we were lucky that the neighbors across the street heard her and managed (by some miracle) to find us so we could take her in to be seen. Thankfully she was fine, no broken bones and in her old age, the canine was no big loss.

It was a nice excuse for us to get together again, this time with more friends, to have a small party. The kids had a blast playing in the pool, we ate much too much again and celebrated the 40th birthday of a member of the company. There is much to be said for some good old summertime fun!

Thanks to the use of our neighbor's pool, Isaac has overcome much of his fears of swimming. Can't you just see the rush of adrenaline and the half smile that says, "Woohoo! I'm totally doing this!" I'm so proud of him and his hard work that didn't let his fears stop him from being better.

Rockin' in a choppy sea of bodies!

There was a quick outdoor shower for some of the kids, Isaac ran when the cold water hit! Thanks Dana for all the fun!

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  1. Holy Cow! I'm pretty sure I'm going to need a cotton candy machine. That sounds like one of the coolest things ever.