Monday, June 27, 2011

Marathon Month

June is always our Marathon month, between Isaac and I having birthdays, Father's day and all the summer activities and vacation, I feel like I'm always behind on my posts. So here it all is in one lump.

We felt bad that Isaac never got a cake to celebrate his birthday. It's something he insist on for all of us (even if we're not that fond of it) and yet in the hussle and bussle of the vacation we didn't get around to it. So Keila and I got up early and baked one. We didn't let on that it was for him, but when I asked his input as to a 2 layer cake or one, he opted for a 3 layer cake! So here it is with homemade icing and all!

These next shots I had to include because I thought it rather ingenious of Isaac to make up his own armor using boxes around the house. (things that happen when you nap - no worries, we found another home for the gummies) He likes to rescue Keila, the damsel-not-so-in-distress and be the 'conquering hero'. Doesn't he look intimidating?!

For Father's day I struggled to find something that would be truly a gift Isaac could make. I hit upon this idea from an Internet site (you can find EVERYTHING online!) Isaac had fun painting it and even wrote the words himself: Baba Rocks! Kent has is proudly displayed at work. ;0)

Kent's tie got decorated during Sacrament meeting ... a perfect touch for Father's day.

After the expenses of the vacation, I wanted something much more low key for my birthday. Isaac insisted on the carrot cake, Kent and I went to dinner at the Melting Pot and finally Kent bought me a book, from the Penguin Classics edition with the Coralie Bickford-Smith covers. They're beautiful, each with it's unique cloth cover to fit the novel. I love anything that's useful while decorative and honestly, what's better than classic literature around the home!

It's strange to think I'm thirty six. You never feel as old as you are, and yet when I look back over my life I'm amazed at all that has occurred. Here's to 36 great years and many more to come!

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  1. Glad you had such a fun Father's day and birthday. That carrot cake looks delicious!