Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sprouting Like a Weed

I still call Keila my baby girl, but she's anything but a baby nowadays. That came home to us while we were on vacation and she began speaking words that we'd never heard her say. Things like, "nighty night, ketchup (more like catup), take", etc. It was random and we'd always look at her and say, "Keila, when did you learn to say that?!" and she'd smile, cock her head all nonchalant as if to reply, "That's nothing!"

Isaac a wonder in many ways. He often asks questions that seem to indicate an old soul. He asks alot about the Prophet Joseph Smith and how he died as well as why he was persecuted. When he plays, he talks of the 'bad guys' and how their only bad because they make bad choices. He's still terribly distraught by conflict. We finally finished an entire Disney movie without him screaming with distress. It was Beauty and the Beast and afterwards he said of Gaston, "He's really the Beast, all inside!"

Keila's not the only one that surprises us with her words, the other day at dinner Isaac said he wasn't "so keen" on something. Kent's sure that one's from me. The lastest phrase that had me chuckling was, "Keila don't do that, it drives Mama bonkers and she's not nice when she's bonkers!" How perceptive indeed.

When we got home from the trip, we decided to measure them, even though we'd done it three months earlier. Isaac grew an entire inch and Keila was 2 inches longer. They grow in so many ways too quickly. What a treasure it is when I catch those moments that will fade too quickly into the past. How I love my 'babies!'


  1. Wow. That's all I got. Wow.

  2. They are sooooo sweet. Love them. Isaac is so much fun to listen to in Primary.