Saturday, June 18, 2011

Isaac's Canadian Birthday

For weeks we'd been prepping Isaac for the fact that his birthday would fall while we were on vacation in Canada. He'd proudly announce to all his preschool teacher and friends that he was having a 'Canada Birthday!' and would love to invite them but they would be too far away. Amid travel and wedding crazies, I was a little afraid he'd feel lost in the fray so we planned to make things as special as we could.

The morning of June 2 was the day we were to head back out to Calgary and help decorate for the reception. I baked muffins the night before for breakfast and we stuck a dum dum in as a pseudo candle. He loved it.

Later that evening we had a special birthday dinner. Unfortunately only Uncle Joe and Grandpa Ngai could make it, but he was thrilled with the attention he received. I can't believe he's four years old! This whole adventure of motherhood has really only been a brief period. At times it seems like forever - as in I couldn't imagine myself without it. I am a fuller, richer person for it and my dear Isaac boy is helping pilot the way. (poor little guinea pig!) How I love this dear boy. He received his own digital camera for the occasion and I'm sure we'll get lots of interesting shots to post in the coming months.

On the walk back to the hotel I couldn't help but snap this shot. Three great men chatting and swinging my children to their utter delight. Too bad I didn't rush up in front to catch it from the other way.

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