Friday, June 10, 2011


Our first major outing was to Johnston Canyon to see the waterfalls. It's a fairly easy hike in that everything is paved, but the overhanging catwalks into the canyon can be a little daunting if you're afraid of heights. Unfortnately Isaac is exactly that, but with some major coaxing, some carrying and the distractions of rocks, sticks and bugs, he managed to do really good. He was obviously very proud when I told him he was little scout trooper in the making. Keila was much too young to go on her own, so I carried her in with the help of a sling. It was a major workout and gave me an appreciateion of what Kent does backpacking with the scouts. If I paused a moment to rest, she was wiggling to get out and see the world. If I kept a steady pace, she'd snuggle in close and chatter in her funny way.

You could get in so close to the lower falls by going into this tunnel and on the otherside a railing kept you from falling into the spray of water. It was a little too much adventure for the kids, but dragged them in for a minute or two to get a good shot of everything.

The raw beauty of the Rockies!

My snuggle bug!

We'd only made it to the lower falls and halfway up to the upper waterfalls, but it gives us an excuse to come back again in a few years when I won't have to carry anyone!

We saw plenty of wildlife there, both on our hikes and just around town as well as our timeshare.

I taught Keila how to 'talk' to these little guys and soon she was chittering at my ear whenever she spotted one. They're pretty daring fellas for being so small.

This deer lived right by our timeshare and we saw her daily.

Isaac wanted to see a bear, this was the safest one I could find.

Elk on the road.

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