Monday, June 20, 2011

Too Long

The last 2 days in Calgary were spent seeing friends whom I had not seen in over 10 years. Back then we were all single, not long out of high school and off for adventures wherever the pathway would take us. It was fun to see where we all ended up. We're all little thinner and thicker here and there (typically in the hairline and waistline - with Dee being the major exception- way to go Dee) We've had job experiences, life experiences, marriage, loss of family/loved ones and the gaining of them too. With all the changes it's nice to know that you can get together again and still smile over the old things and enjoy sharing the new.

Unfortunately Aunt Becky couldn't make it to all of the wedding, but we enjoyed her company along with Uncle Joe as we wandered downtown Calgary.

Can't you just see him saying, "Pop!"

We attended church in the chapel nearest our hotel and dad was delighted to find out it was the first chapel he and mom attended when they moved to Calgary. It has an amazing view of downtown.

Sunday afternoon was spent with a few people from the LRC group. Yes, I was a part of that amazingly brilliant group that hung out at the Learning Resource Center. Their intelligence and tutoring saved me often in my Physics class and their companionship and quirky fun made for a wonderfully memorable high school career.

Kien, we beg pardon for our ineptitude at capturing you and your darling Kira in a more pleasing light.

Proud Papa Jason with his first beautiful daughter...

and the darling second daughter. That cutie has the features of a porcelain doll, especially her lips! Way to go Phuong and Jason. Seriously consider coming down sometime to visit ... you can golf your way to paradise and Phuong and get away from the winter blues.

Isaac ADORED Jaden! What could be better than another 4 year old boy with as high an energy level and fun ideas as Jaden. Thanks for wearing him out for us!

Monday, our last day was with some friends I haven't seen in over 14 years. We've gone on different paths (a little like yin and yang!) but for whatever reason, years of knowing and just the bond of friendship, we were able to chat and laugh together. I seriously had stitches in my side for all the laughing we did about the years past, ourselves and the future.

Fflyr, Dee and Christie. There are so many pictures of us in our elementary and junior high years at sleepovers and parties. I need to find one of those to download and post. We all lived within walking distance from each other.

Fflyr and Dee have been around since I can first remember. We were in kindergarten together. I can't believe I've known you gals for over 30 years. It's great to know we can still get together and laugh.

Although I've been away for so many years, it was wonderful to feel like I could 'come home' through the friendships and love of so many wonderful people like these. Here's to friendship and may our next visit be not too long off!

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