Thursday, June 16, 2011

The True North

My blood has thinned in the time I've lived in Utah and the Arizona. I was reminded of this on the day we opted to drive up north further to see the amazing aqua colors of Lake Louise and Morraine Lake. Keep in mind folks, this is June! I'll let the pictures speak for themselves!

Lake Louise, half frozen over.

Yes, that is suppose to be a lake behind me, Morraine Lake and more that 4/5 of it frozen and covered in snow.

This is what remains of the snow they had shovelled over the winter. Like my 'Eski-Flo' outfit? It was too cold to even tempt Isaac with a snowman.

Kent was amazed by these 'bridges' they built for the wildlife to cross over the road.

Bow Fall and the subsequent exploring for 'treasure rocks' that we undertook. Kids are so happy with the smallest things!

Wandering the Banff hotel grounds where yet again we saw some deer that Keila desperately wanted to pet.

It was truly wonderful to take the fam on a tour of my Rockies but we all agreed in the end that the next time we come it'll be in the late summer!


  1. Wow. It is beautiful, but does look super cold!!!

  2. Wow. We'd heard amazing stories about how great it can be to get a job in Canada, but I'm not sure we're up to that. It is gorgeous, though. I did tell him that I could only live in the Canadian Rockies, not any of the frozen plains.