Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Adventures in Eating

Isaac has an insatiable curiosity for everything. If you let him he will ask questions of you until send him to bed. Lately he wants to try new food. For whatever reason, he learned about pomegranates in school and wanted to try them. We got lucky and received three in our basket of veggies we get twice a month. He loved them but wished they were a whole lot easier to eat.

While at the grocery we spotted this odd thing, a dragon fruit. I'd know its name but had never tried it - two dollars for a cultural experience? Why not! So we brought the thing home and read all about it. Apparently it's from a cactus of sorts found in Southeast Asia. It's fruit resembles a kiwi in that it has small seeds throughout and the flesh can be either red or white. We had no idea what we had and were thrilled with the results! Isn't it a thing of beauty?!

It really did resemble a kiwi in texture and had it been ripe picked off the cactus I'm sure it would have been sweeter. Apparently it can be grown in more tropical places like Houston or Hawaii. We also at a persimmon that day and Isaac told me he wants a record of all the weird things he's eaten so here it is. May he always be this adventurous !

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