Friday, January 11, 2013

Angel Heart

All my children are my "angel hearts" but some are more so than others at times. Elias though is a very content child. If you hold him, give him a little love and attention he is easily satisfied. It was particularly apparent when we went for a minor surgery. Despite being hungry and sleep deprived he was happy as could be at 5:30 in the morning.

I, on the other hand was more of a wreck. I didn't sleep well all night and was a little tense but out snuggle time before the procedure helped. Nothing is better than the a warm silky baby boy to hold and smell. They took care to bring toys to entertain him, but my phone was much more fun.

The procedure took just over an hour and went well. He desperately wanted me and took the time to grumble his feelings on my delay but within minutes he was smiling again. While he'll be in pain for a few more weeks I'm sure he'll do fine. Besides, I don't mind the extra snuggle time!

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