Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Farwell 2012

Thus we are at the close of another year. We are all a little older, some taller, some rounder and hopefully wiser. It's been an eventful year but with all it's ups and downs we found much to be grateful for.

Elias turned 9 months old on Christmas Day! He is as darling as ever. In fact, as a precaution to kissing attacks and faux hawk rubbing he has taken to wearing his specialized helmet. You must schedule for snuggle time in the evenings and early morning feeds which Mama has first priority over. He loves to chat, deep long conversations anytime when his older siblings are not about - typically late at night or early in the morning. He can sit up on is own for a good amount of time and loves food and feeding himself. He is often found using his charm on his parents to taste everything from ice cream to chocolate which I'm sure his siblings feel a great deal of injustice over. Alas, it is hard to be born of pure Cutonium and the youngest!

Keila is our ever precocious girl. She started her first year of preschool and takes great pride in HER own friends. She was recently invited to her very first birthday party where she had fun introducing me to her little group and telling me all about them. She loves all things beautiful, jewelry, shoes, clothes, and music. Se loves to break out in song at random times and "shake her bottom" (as she calls it) and if you let her she'll have you dancing alongside. Despite this, she is a true introvert at heart and loves nothing better than one and one time with mom or dad, snuggling, reading or simply chatting in her cute little toddler voice. Who knew there was so much to say at the age of three!

Isaac is five and finishing his last year at preschool. He is very proud of the fact that he can do simple sums and sound out small words. He is forever creating his own books and has quite a portfolio of work with regards to Angry Birds. Should they EVER run out of ideas for this popular game, Isaac will be ready with resume in hand to apply for a job! He's becoming more and more of a gentlemen every day and will hold open the doors for everyone nearby. Along with this he's developed other skills such as tying his shoelaces and cooking simple microwave meals.

Flo has reached even greater levels of efficiency this year as she juggles two children in preschool, one with weekly therapy and doctor appointments as well as a permanent aide position at the preschool two days a week. On the side she is earning degrees from the University of Life in 'medicine in children with Down syndrome' as well as 'how to cut through government agency and insurance companies red tape'. While these degrees are not recognized nationally, she feels confident they will come in handy for future use. Amid all this she is grateful for her children who help her keep life in perspective and always provide laughs daily.

Kent felt he needed more excitement in life and changed his hat if you will multiple times this year. He moved from being a ICU pharmacist to managing them. According to Isaac this means he "watches them and tells them what to do" which Isaac feels is boring. Dull or not, management suits Kent and he is seriously considering doing an MBA. Who knew you needed a degree to do that well! ;0). Just a few weeks ago he was released from his calling as a Scoutmaster. After three and a half years of working with the boys he finds he's a little sad at the loss of the calling, after all where will he get the best stories to tell! On the other hand he is grateful to have more time to pursue projects at home and play time with the kids.

We are grateful for the growth we've experienced this year as individuals and as a family. We are also mindful of the blessings we receive from the Lord daily and are optimistic for 2013. Happy new year everyone!

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