Sunday, December 30, 2012

Holiday Wrap Up

To celebrate Kent's birthday this year the kids and I went shopping for some much need work clothes for him. (A crayon went through the wash and into the dry - you can deduce what happened from there, the irony being it was the one load with all our nicest clothes!) It was funny to listen to the two debate what color would look best on their Baba. They helped to wrap the gifts and then a good friend of ours made the most amazing blueberry cheesecake EVER!!! The picture doesn't do it justice, especially when the saran wrap took off most of the beautiful blueberry glaze on the top but Kent could not stop raving about it for days on end. I believe it was the highlight for him!

We bought our annual Christmas ornaments and Elias got his first. We try so hard to buy something that reflects our feelings on the child and his is a classic street lamp - because he is such a light in our lives and for our family.

With Elias being the last child, I was a little sentimental about the passing of this baby phase and chose this to remember the tenderness of early motherhood.

Kent liked the lighthouse and all that it symbolizes for this last year.

Unfortunately everything was packed up before I could get shots of Keila and Isaac's. Next year I guess.

The last of holiday excitement was that Keila attended her very first exclusive birthday party. She's proud of the fact that she has her own friends apart from Isaac and it was nice to meet the parents of the children ourside of preschool.

She spent most of the party with Clare, the girl sitting next to her. Alexa, the girl on the couch in pink and black is her 'best friend'. The are the only two girls in class and so they stick like glue together. Alexa is shy though and initially Keila was highly hurt that she wouldn't talk to her. It took some time and convincing that Alexa loved her and was just fine with Keila doing all the talking for two (or more!)

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