Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Fun

Holiday fun! Simplify has been the motto this holiday seasons so instead of baking up our own gingerbread houses we bought them instead. I don't think we're going back, it was too easy and perfect fun. We bought a "village set" so we each had our own home to decorate.

Is it rather obvious that Isaac was more into getting as much candy on his house than the esthetics of decorating! Keila was a little more particular.

Against my better judgement I let them have at it. Keila enjoyed it only for the first day or two, she has much more discriminating tastes. Isaac on the other hand just wanted to get as much sugar as possible in his system!

Isaac also got an opportunity to go on a hayride with his friends from preschool. Armed with hot cocoa and blankets and candy canes he and Kent meet up with friends and had a blast.

The annual Christmas party for our ward was lots of fun too. We got to get to know a few new families and visit with the jolly man again. This is absolutely no doubt in our minds that Isaac wants Angry Birds, but Keila wavers between jewellery of some sort to clothes. Elias was just happy to try a candy cane for the first time.

One of our favorite elfs!

Much of our free time was spent playing outside with our neighbors. This little guy is Logan and Keila has decided that he is her personal 'boyfriend'. I found it odd one day when she ran inside after only being out for a minute or two. She wanted me to do her hair and to change her shirt. Apparently this little boy is one worth impressing and Kent and I are dying to know where she picked up on 'dressing for the occasion'. Logan's dad says he has quite a few little lady friends. Kent says he's keeping his eye out on him! Here they are taking a drive together.

These guys grow up way too fast!

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