Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas 2012

Keila could hardly wait this year for the big day to arrive. She drooled at the sight of all those presents while Isaac speculated on which box was the right size for an angry bird.

Santa fulfilled one major wish for Isaac by granting him angry bird slippers. Keila hadn't been very vocal about what she wanted from the Jolly Old Man. At the ward Christmas party she asked him for a seashell necklace; you know how a toddlers mind can change minutely so nothing more was thought of it until the Christmas Eve when she said the exact same thing again and talked about it for the 45 min drive home. By the time we got them into bed it was late but I attempted a mad dash out to Walmart or somewhere to find the much coveted jewelry. I once swore i would neve be the crazy mother doing last minute christmas shopping but here i was, on christmas eve at that! it was something about seeing her eyes light up at the magic and the wonder of it. Unfortunately it was too late so Santa wrote a note of apology and hoped the fuzzy pink princess slippers would do instead. True to a child's heart, she wasn't phased and loved the gifts from the jolly old man.

Back in November we purchased a tv something we told the kids was part of their Christmas present. We went from nothing to a 55 inch BIG SCREEN TV. (We say it just like that in a deep booming voice). To add to it, we bought a Wii and a few games as our family gift. Isaac got two of his angry birds (now fondly named Bombie and Zoomie) and two pigs all pocket size for him to throw to his hearts content. Keila received two My Little Pony figurines - Rarity and Fluttershy and even a special comb for their manes. True to any child his age Elias loved all the wrapping paper and his siblings took more interest to his toys than himself.

The rest of the day was spent in quiet happiness as we played together, ate and relaxed. In the evening we stopped over at the Bakers for some Just Dance fun. The kids whooped our older butts but we held our own when the 80's music came up. It was the perfect day spent with those we love! Merry Christmas 2012.

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