Saturday, December 15, 2012

Sharing DS and Santa's Breakfast

With the busyness of the season I tried to limit our activites to the ones that would be the most meaningful for our family. One of those was attending Breakfast with Santa organized by Sharing Down Syndrome of AZ. I wonder if I will ever get use to walking into a room of strangers and having them embrace us so openly while asking intimate health questions about our darling son. :0) Unlike the DS Walk, we had a chance to really chat with a few families. We admired so many of them as they dealt with so many more challenges in health than we do with Elias, everything from heart conditions to surgeries for strictures in the esophagus or major sensory issues. It was also nice to see hear from others that Elias was doing well and the few concerns we had were quite normal in children with DS.

Isaac and keila had a blast playing and making crafts

I got a chance to chat again with Gina, the lady who first introduced me to this wonderful group. She is truly enthusiastic and warm for all children, but especially for those with DS. Elias got a good amount of snuggles from her.

I'm grateful for these people in my life. While our interactions are brief, they truly understand - from the endless doctor appointments, running the hoops though an ever changing system to the profound pride when I can say Elias can sit up on is own. Our journeys are similar and it's nice to share in them along the way.

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