Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Eve 2012

Our annual Christmas Eve party was held at Christine's house this year.  We missed Chad, Lori and Tom and their respective families but had a blast seeing everyone else.  Keila was particularly attached to her cousin Jenny and Isaac loved having a crowd to answer his every question. We also had a fun addition, we were introduced to Joseph's fiancée, Jenny.  The kids took to her right away.


After the burritos and chocolate cookies we got a special visit from Santa.  Keila was rather impatient for her gift and kept hovering in the front near him.  I'm pretty sure she was in his lap before he even finished saying her name! 

Elias was a wiped out little puppy but was as stoic as ever when placed in St. Nicks lap. Santa was much more in danger of having his beard pulled out then anything else.


Isaac was sure to reiterate his strong desire for anything to do with angry birds.  He was a little skeptical since he spotted shoes under the cover of the Santa boots but feels its acceptable for the jolly old man to have helpers since "he can't do EVERYTHING!  That would be impossible!" 

In our household Santa does the stockings while we do the gifts under the tree.  It's been nice since they have the magic of the season without it being the focus and end all of Christmas. But I'm a little sadden as I watch Isaac keen observations put the magic of childhood to question. Last year he noted the shoes of Santa under the supposed boots.  His logic dictates that there is only one real Santa and yet that man can be found everywhere. Last year he explained it by saying Santa has helpers to take the messages back to the real man but this year he was so much more skeptical.   I suppose it doesn't help that santa's wrapping paper was found behind my bed frame. I tried hard to keep it going a little longer but his old eyes questioned me too earnestly too often.

Finally one evening while singing our bedtime song he asked straight out.  Thankfully I was  prepared.  I told him that Santa's magic was found in the belief that there is kindness and generosity everywhere.  So long as we have love for others, give willingly and share freely, Santa would always be real.  The little man was quiet for a moment  and then said, " so anyone can be a Santa?  So"  Smart kid now heaven help me when next year he decides he needs to enlighten others about the concept.

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