Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sunshine Moments on Cloudy Rainy Days

Elias has now aquired some of the most intellectual glasses a 10 month old could have. We call him our little professor!

Things are finely slowing down when it comes to doctor appointments for Elias. I now understand whan many families say, "It's rough the first year. Life coasts after that!" We have all his specialists in place and aside from the follow ups from the surgery and the opthamologist we'll only have the therapies to worry about. The other great news is in 3 weeks he'll be out of the helmet. I'm thrilled because I'll be able to nuzzle him anytime I want. I wonder how he'll respond to all the affection when he has nothing to fend it off!

We've also taken more time to be one on one with the older two. They love riding in Kent's truck with him and running errands. Such simple things seem to filled their needs nicely. With me it's a little different. Everyday is spent with me and so often being at home I become distracted with the things that need to get done. With so little time I thought it best to take two birds with one stone, lunch out with Mama! It's great because I can relax and not worry about clean up and they have my undivided attention.

I took Isaac to Five Guys (incidentally they have the best fries ever!) and had him sit and eat peanuts while I brought out our meal. He looked oddly at me when I handed them to him and said questioningly, "These are peanuts?" I thought nothing of it until I came back out and he was spitting on the ground, "These are weird peanuts Mama! I don't like them!" Apparently he ate the peanut shell and all! I laughed and coaxed him into trying again while showing him how to shell it. He thought it was pretty funny too and so we took this shot.

Keila has every monday afternoon wiht me. We either picnic at home and watch My Little Pony or sometimes we go out. She's rather funny if we are out, she knows it's a big treat and acts all grown up from her voice and word choice to how she daintly uses her napkin to wipe her mouth. I feel a little like it's teatime with the Queen. How she loves posing for the camera!

Then there's the annual fun in the rain and mud. It's become so much of a tradition that we've learned to save up some ugly clothes they can trash all they want!
Keila was freezing her little tooshie off this day, soaking herself to the bone. I have to say as crazy as it is to get them cleaned up, they are a calm, quiet and happy bunch after a warm bath and change of clothes. I'm sure we'll see Elias joining in the fun next year.

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  1. I love the rain play idea! My kids were barefoot in the backyard today (after I cleaned up all the dog poo) and Alex (about the same age as Elias,) got nice and dirty going in the dirt, and then potted soil, then dog dishes of water, etc. I thought maybe I should be keeping him cleaner, but then I realized kids aren't supposed to be clean! And it was a cinch to change him later. I will be stealing your idea to save yucky clothes for messy play!