Sunday, June 23, 2013

Preschool Happenings Missed

Now that I'm a little more back to my old self I'm attempting to catch up on old posts. It's tempting to use that magical button google has made to post this (and the many others that will follow) back into its appropriate slot in the timeline so asto appear more on top of than I really am. But this is a journal of sorts for our family and the craziness of life is all a part of it ought to be recorded too - at least proof to Kent and I that we did survive it!

The first few shots date back to March at Moms night. The two older ones had fun sharing in milk and cookies, making crafts and painting my toe nails. Apparently it is stylish to have as many colors as possible according to my son. (And he wondes why I wouldn't let them touch my fingernails!). Keila's was as meticulous as a three year old can be in painting her own.

The next few shots are from May at the annual ice cream social. They had great food there this year so we had a small picnic. Poor Elias kept trying to get some potato chips but with no success!
Who can resist such a sad face!
Clearly Keila had to make up for the chip incident and give back some love!
Ahhhhh, the ice cream! A nice break from the carnival style games.
Keila's favorite part! Isaac has never been too keen on any animals so he gave his ticket to Elias. Elias was a little unsure at first but he grew to enjoy it.
The night was a break from our usual diet. To be honest I was cringing after the hot dogs, chips, popcorn and candy at the after effects I was sure to see the following day. But then kids are kids and what is more fun than a shot of them sinking their teeth into airy sweetness.

We bought a few raffle tickets this year for the kids to place in the buckets of their most desired item. It was a good lesson on probability and Isaac greedily place one ticket in each of the toys he wanted. Keila was smarter and place all five tickets for the princess basket. Keila has her very first Barbie now and a princess one at that.

Keila's really grown this last year at preschool. She's been a big helper with the younger one, including taking Rowen under her wings as Rowen moved up into the playroom. I love this shot of them reading together. She has the desire to be the big sister.
She's also learned to make friends and compromise - a little! Here they all are playing dress up. It's nice to see her find her own place in the world. Such a big girl!

A shot of Isaac feeding Elias at the market day of preschool - such a good big brother!

Isaac is so ready for kindergarden this next year. Of all the enrichment classes we did for him, science was his favorite. The final day was the egg drop experiment and his egg survived. He was so very proud.

His entire class moves on to other schools and he was extremely sad to see them go. These class shirts they made is his favorite set of pjs now.

One of his preschool teachers told me that my influence was greatest now since his world was almost exclusively in my control. Hereafter those hours spent at school will be told to me through his eyes. It makes me a little sad and yet proud too. I hope i've prepared him well and that he'll continue to see the world in all its wonder and with his continued enthusiasm. Love this kid!

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